Monday, September 27, 2010

Rubicon Wine On My Mind - Wash This Bad Taste Away

After last night's rant, I tried to chill out with a little TV.  For that, I turned to AMC.  I was hoping to find a smart, entertaining show that would allow my mind to peaceful drift into a different world.  The show I turned to shares the name of a wine, that vintage after vintage, I continue to enjoy.  One sip of Rubicon, the superior wine from Coppola's estates in California, always takes me to a happy place.  Without a bottle of Rubicon on the shelf (in these tough times I've had to reduce my cellar inventory) my hope was that Rubicon the new AMC show could produce a similar pleasure.

The show states, not every conspiracies is theory; true I say.  I'd add, not all conspiracies are entertaining either.  Maybe I missed something, this was episode ten.  With no background on the series, perhaps I dove in over my head.  Then again perhaps not.  I may have been asking too much from a show simply because it shares it's name with a great wine.  Or maybe that is the conspiracy of the whole thing; a writer who's dreams were destroyed by Coppola, decided the best way to get revenge was to destroy Coppola's best wine by creating a disappointing show of the same name.  That is Diabolical.

The show did have one highlight.  A piece of dialog, that for me, will be a classic line, "what is the significance of 4:20."  Maybe if I'd taken that thought to heart the show would have made a lot more sense.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Open Letter to Dawgs - Still Reason for Cheers

All season long we'll be pouring wine, drink beers, and clinking glass cause no matter what it's Husky football season.  But after what I saw at the last home game, I just can't stay quiet...

New Rules For Husky Nation.

It's a bye week so, I took sometime to reflect on last weeks game.  Sark says not to dwell on the past, and that's good advice for the team, they've moved on.  But as a nation, I don't think we've taking the time to think about the mistakes we made last week.  I know as a fan I did.  You might say, "who me?", I wasn't out on the field. But remember as fans they can feel us, feed on our energy, fight to the end and walk-off knowing I scraped for every extra inch today because I know those people were entertained.  Remember that feeling we all had last year, walk out of that stadium after beating SC.  Remember that feeling on the field.  (note: to me that is sacred ground, and you don't go down there unless invited) But, the feeling after that game was electric.  You don't think the players felt that?  True Dawg fans make a difference.  So, I'm calling out fans by laying down some new rules to live by until the next home game.  Simple rules:

Have I thanked a Dawg? Who gets a game ball? rule one: Thank a Dawg.
Have you made your apologize?  I did, my aunt and uncle were in from out of town and I had to apologize for getting my brother kick-out of the stadium.  They are from the SEC and thought it was funny that we got kick-out of Husky stadium for cheering to loud.  ("Legendary Husky Stadium" my uncle jokes, "home of the wave.")  Sometimes you want to punch them, but when you've been out "played", you tip your hat and make apologize if you have to.  After being beat at home I say we have to. rule two: Man Up.
Have you reviewed the tape? Are you ready to be apart of next weeks game? rule three: Do Your Homework.
Have I done my part? This is simple are you part of husky nation or not or do I really know what that means?  rule four: Step Your Game Up.

These are the rules Dawg fans, be ready for ASU.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Break Out Another Box - We Still Have Wine

Cardboard it seems has a bad reputation.  Why that is, I don't know.  Cardboard, in my opinion is a versatile invention, that like a good friend will be there when you need it.  And in these current tough times, we all could use a good friend.  

Dream homes going up for auction.  Families struggling to make ends meet.  Smart people out of a job or worse settling for any work they can get.  Geez, when was any of this part of the American dream... never.  But just when things look their bleakest, true friends step up to the challenge.  Enter my pal cardboard.

Admittedly, I don't have the same buying power I did a few years ago, but to my buddy cardboard, that doesn't matter.  Thanks to cardboard I still have a home.  And though to many, a cardboard home might not be glamorous, my other good buddy wine would beg to differ.  Tasty and more affordable I'm not ashamed to be seen in public with cardboard and wine.  In these still scary economic times they've been their for me, and I thank them for that.

...honestly though, I do miss my other friends, million dollar home and stocked wine cellar.  Once you get to know them they aren't as pretentious as they sound.  

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Greed Works, But For Who?

For a lack of a better word, "Greed" Gordon tells me, "is good."  In his thinking greed is the motivator.  Rather than siting on one's ass, greed pushes people forward to strive for the best in life.  Greed "clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit". Greed it turns out keeps us accountable, it weeds out the weak and rewards the strong.  In Mr. Gekko's way of thinking we can thank greed for making things better.

For sure, it is greediest fruit that produce the most sugar, that become the riches in nutrients and thus is able to transform into the most complex of juice.  The richness of the greedy grapes makes the Barolos that I lust for possible.  In a sense, I must admit that old Gordo is right, greed works.

I'll make sure to tell him that when he is finally released from prison.  I'll pour him a glass of wine and let him enjoy it before asking him to elaborate more on greed.  I'm sure the greedy actions of his ex-wife have helped form some fresh opinions on greed which he will undoubtedly be moved to share.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Step Your Game Up

 Yes we can, just hasn't been getting it done, most of the problem being people would just rather not.  Personally it has been driving me crazy.  With unemployment inexcusably high in this country, environmental issues on the rise and corporate malfeasance seemingly out of control, I turn more and more away from society, choosing instead to go deeper down the trail of a solitary existence.  Good wine, long walks and video games would be the the contents of my data sheet should I have a centerfold layout.  Some people might think of me (and the many other like me) as a burnout, wasting time in rather than making a difference.  But maybe we are just a reflection of the times, laking a uniting voice to rally our generation to make a difference.  It seems crappy jobs and bad ties are all we have to look forward too.

...But suddenly a leader has emerged, and now I am compelled to make a difference.  Tell it like it is Marcus.  It's time we all stepped our game up.  Crack me another bottle of Malbec cause I'm all in to make a difference.  Let me just complete one more level on this game.