Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Old - Drinking 40 year old Tawny

i'm drinking port and feeling old, i should be enjoying whiskey.  my arm is in a sling, the result of a fall this morning. unable to finish the day on skis, it is beginning to sink in that i'll also miss the coming storm.  I need another gulp of port.  suddenly my heart hurts more than my shoulder.

having turned thirty-nine two days prior, age has been on my mind lately.  needing help getting dressed and undressed, only able to type with one hand and feeling cranky because i'm sore has old age starring back at me when I look in the mirror.  have another drink old man... cheers

as i sip this time both my nose and my palate are greeted with impressions of nutmeg, roasted coffee and a joyful nuttiness. my mind lingers on the wine´s rich, intense, voluptuous, almost viscous texture, culminates in a finish of incredible length.  this wine still has room to grow but it drinks well now.  glancing at the label the number 40 stands out.  smiling i take another drink, this one to numb my shoulder.  I aint old yet.

"fine wine," a voice whispers in my ear, "fine wine."  we're just getting better with age

Friday, November 09, 2012

Take a Drink - Back to Politics as Usual

pick a bottle of wine, any wine and take a big'o drink. trust me, would I steer you wrong.
besides doesn't a drink sound good right now.  finally free from election ads we can get back to politics as usual.  do nothing, just bitch at each other.  it's like we have teenage kids running our government.  no wine for them, to immature to handle the complexity of a fine wine anyway.

our current starring match between the two parties is what they'd like to call a fiscal cliff.  the economy will take a hit because the government will cease to function at the end of the year since we have no money.  "to tax or not to tax, that is the question."  actually, that is straw man argument people like to thrown in the mix, taxes yes, who to tax that is the question.

think about that for a moment and then remember how much money was just spend on elections.  think about where all that treasure and energy went and what it went for.  Like I said, take a drink of wine, you'll want to wash that taste down.  also note: all that time as they used to bashed each other and meanwhile made promises of a better future, neither side was doing anything to prepare for the "cliff" that they all knew we were approaching.  now it's here.  we have no money.  and nobody wants to pay for it.  so the treat is let's just sit here until we, not blink and fall off this thing.

normally in a democracy that's not a bad idea, we are after all in it together, UNITED.  but honestly most of us (I hear about 99%) are just now getting our balance back.  jumping of a cliff doesn't sound like the best idea to me.  let's those folks settle in before you make them do something crazy.  instead maybe it's time we put our money where our mouth is and stand-up for the country we believe in.  simple just make a wise decision.  they don't need to scares us, all we asked is that they lead us.  And when I follow you, just be cool don't try to break me, how about we stay away from that cliff.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

More Divine than Wine - Gotta Love

i feel a feeling beginning to brew and yes i know you feel it too. relax, breath and be aware.  are you feeling that feeling yet because you can't feel it until you let yourself... go

stop holding yourself back, all those little things in life and yes they are little, pile on and seem like an insurmountable force hold us back.  we call it stress but you should recognize it as fear.  people prey on it, your feeling of fear, don't let them.  their is a stronger feeling to feel, look inside yourself and find it, trust it, embrace it.

don't let doubt take hold, instead find your faith.  if you've lost it you are lost which is not a good place to be, come out of that darkness I have a hug for you... now do you feel it, when I hold you, when someone else holds you, when you hold you in high regard.  you should you know, believe in yourself.  don't doubt that.

let go your doubt, breath, step beyond your fear, relax, be aware of what their is to feel.  find the good stuff and let that energy grow.  right now close your eyes and let yourself go. stop doubting that it's there, you feel it.  don't fear it because you aren't use to it, feel it, it is good.  relax into it now that you aware of it, you know this feeling. go with it.

now you feel that feeling begin to brew and yes I feel it too. together we can do this, let's spread the LOVE.