Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wine in a crystal ball?

Nope, I'm not suggesting anyone drink wine from a crystal ball. But it wouldn't hurt to read this feature article from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine posted 21st of January 2006. This article written by Catharine Lowe, Anthony Rose is the closet thing I've got to predicting my future, since I can guarantee in the coming years I drink wine from the regions discussed. Never hurts to know what you are drinking. Read below and enjoy.

Next year will be the new 2005, that much we know. Straining to see into one's crystal ball can be as much of a mug's game as failing to notice the writing on the wall. No matter how hard you try to conjure up the future, divination has a habit in retrospect of coming back and biting you in the nether regions.

Forecasting, on the other hand, is an altogether more respectable pursuit and, unless you're Michael Fish, less likely to leave you with egg on your face. So, with a heightened chance of not falling completely flat on our face, let hindsight be our guide as we gaze into 2006.

The Sideways knock-on effect will continue to favour Pinot Noir over Merlot, with a positive impact on the 2004 Burgundy En primeur offers, which kick off in January. The vintage looks sufficiently interesting to spark off a lively campaign, especially in the case of Chablis, whose stars are likely to be Verget, Droin, Raveneau, Dauvissat, FÃvre and Billaud Simon. After Sideways, wine will again hit the big screen in the shape of Vineyards of Death, a low-budget mystery-cum-comedy shocker written and directed by George Boyce that takes place in the Finger Lakes, an area noted for fine Riesling and Cabernet Franc.

The waning popularity of Chardonnay and Merlot will...
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