Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel with a Happy Camper

Attitude is everything. Solo time and open space help keep our attitude right. Even when the rest of the world seems to be trying to dampen the mood it is important to control our attitude. I find without the right attitude life seems much harder. Thus I checked out for a while to sharpen the "tude".

Travelling is my refuge, so recently I dropped everything and hit the road. Out among the world I was able to free myself from my stresses. That's where I was able to rediscover me inner peace and joy. To see me now you'd like say, "no there's a "Happy Camper".

Alone with my thoughts divine wisdom suddenly struck me as quickly as opening a bottle (A screw top that is)... "Approach life happily and you'll be a Happy Camper."

A simple thought, almost nonsense, but of course that's what a nay saying unhappy person would say. Life is beautiful. All one need do is look around to see that, you're bound to find something to find happiness in.

Try a bottle of Happy Camper wine for example. Worth the price and tasty. Beauty, simplicity in the bottle and a great way to adjust the "tude". One sip after work and I become another Happy Camper.

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