Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lost in Transition

During the brief break between announcements I have a moment to think. However my focus is soon broken by the next broadcast, perhaps this news pertains to me.

Stuck between flights, time drags on with anxious anticipation. People moving in all directions, everyone has somewhere to go. Each of us wondering are we on time, is it delayed, am I in the right spot, do I have what I need, how long until I get there, when can begin to relax.

The promise of vacations feels so distant while trapped in the airport terminal. No one here is at ease. Instinctively the most nervous among us migrate to the bar in hopes of finding normalcy and escape from the masses. To me it feels like reaching for a crunch, a way to dull the senses. Still, I like the other I now share space with have come to the bar for a drink.

Here, in one of the distant outposts of LAX, my beverage choices are limited. I stare at the wine selection hoping that I’ve overlooked a gem, praying a suitable wine will soon reveal itself; no luck.

Rather than succumbing to disappointing juice I resign to lap the terminal once more. As I set out I’m greeted by another PA announcement, "Horizon flight 2603 has been delayed". It’s going to be a long walk about the terminal.

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