Thursday, March 05, 2009

Take'n Her Easy For All the Sinners

I needed to roll. Back in the states and still jobless, a distraction was in order. Over a few glasses of wine, I convinced some friends that time at the bowling alley knocking pins around would help take the edge off the day. Strikes and gutters, life gives you both. The key is to just keep rolling and eventually something comes along that will make you smile.

Bowling has a way of cheering up the soul, but on this day it was the encounter we made that gave us that day's smile. There, practicing in the lane next to us was a guy preparing to bowling for a higher purpose, kids; in the hope of inspiring success and encouraging dreams. We all could use a little of that nowadays, so we gave him a few pointers and donated to his "Little Urban Achievers". I hope you do the same,... I'm sure the dude would.

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