Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On the Road Again - I Just Can't Wait

The contents of my car...

A old boy scout pocket knife that belong to my grandfather.  
Two boxes of business cards, each for a different job.
A plastic owl.
A odd assortment of hats.
A sleeping bag and pillow.
A workout bag, with gym shorts, socks, two t-shirts, sandals, two pairs of googles, swim trunks and a towel inside.
Ski googles.
Running shoes.
Yoga mat.
Three note books, each half full of thoughts.
Bag of coins.
A folder of gas receipts.
A tape gun.
A stick from the beach.
A book on the Chinese economy.
A wine opener.
A clutch of pens once held together by a now broken rubber band.
An empty pack of gum.
A picture of me with my ski students.
An old Powder magazine.
A plastic bag with toothpaste, an old tooth brush and shampoo from a hotel.
A clean but well worn towel.
A flashlight that needs batteries.
A packet of AAA batteries that need to make it into my house.
Running shorts for a woman.
A collection of business cards that need filing.
Two eagle feathers.
An orange that needs eating
And a bottle of wine I am currently drinking.

Lately I've felt like I've been living in my car but after cataloging the contents I know I'm not.  If I was really living in there I'd surely have more than one bottle on hand.  You never know when guests might stop by.

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