Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here Comes the Rooster - Tierra Del Sol Malbec

Chill'n on the train with some local kids. Funny anyone under 30 these days is a kid to me, even though I'm not much older than them.  I break out a bottle I happen to have on me.  It was for later but I'm sure I can find another. They are going nowhere and honestly I have no clue where I'm going.  So we decide to sample the wine.  I say cheers and pass around a bottle of Tierra Del Sol Malbec 2009.  

When it returns, I turn off my computer, take a healthy swig and catch a glimpse of the passing landscape. It is soggy out there.  Not good news for the grape harvest. The report of continued downpours must have farmers rushing to pull their fruit.  What might be a bad year for grapes has part of me smiling though.  The chill in the air tells me this same storm is dumping white gold at the Mountain.  I'll be skiing in no time; maybe I do know where I'm going after all.

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