Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grab Another Bottle of Wine, It's time for RISK

world domination is my new favorite thing.  I can't get enough of it.  it's fun, you learn things, you meet people, heck it helps you better understand the world.  and in the end, at least when I win, it feels like the world is in a better place.  the makers call it a world conquest game, where as I referred to it as world domination, but either way most people would know my new favorite passion as RISK.

among my friends RISK has taken on a kind of fight club aura.  it is our way of dealing with all the crazy shit in the world.  the running joke is that the farm, in its current state of decay, is my personal homage to the house on paper street.  which therefore my decision to live there means, I must be chasing my inner brad pitt.  which at first I take as an insult, but I have to admit that he was pretty badass in that movie.  as long as I get to continue to play RISK, make the world a better place and hang out with helena bonham carter, I'll let people joke about me being a crazy eddy norton.  (I've always kinda had a thing for helena)

so of course, the fight club-esque question is: what famous people, living or dead, would you play RISK with?

I like to take on Brits since those people love trying to take over the world.  I'd keep it to three plus me because I believe a four player game is the most engaging.  I'd take prince harry because of the two future kings he's the one that has some balls.  winston churchill because he directed a real global war and sir richard branson because he's done a pretty good job carving out his own piece of the world.  mostly though I think all three would be entertaining house guests, fun drinkers and it would be funny to see everyone treating the prince with the type of respect that he has earned.  (easy money says he'd be the first to go)

famous people or not, that is exactly why I enjoy the game of RISK.  it's a game that tends to bring interesting people together, sparks fun conversation and brings a little entertainment to otherwise somber global news.  enough typing; time to grab a bottle of wine, my board, and start up the next game of RISK.  are you ready to be dominated?


Phil said...

The Ukraine is MIGHTY! haha - my friends and I used to play that game all the time, but we had one rule: "We'll be friends again in the morning", because 1) is was about domination, and 2) it usually lasted all night when we played.

Anonymous said...

RISK- wow, I haven't thought of Risk "The Game" in a while. Last played in a college tournament that earned me the rep of being a ruthless son of a bitch. Made two women cry and one guy. It is about domination and winning at all costs. It did teach me a lesson or two. 1) When you conquer the world you still might want some friends to help you defend.
2) When you would like to be with a woman of interest (see above) don't make her cry over a silly game. Especially as I entered the damn tournament to be with her.

Judy said...

I love Risk - haven't played for years, but we still have a board - maybe we'll have to get back into it.

More years ago than I care to admit, we had a Risk game about once a week while I was in grad school. We played with a great group of people - and it IS fun to dominate the world.

Thanks for bringing back great memories, and getting me started on creating a RISK night!