Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Drink - Something to Help Wyclef Think

where to begin? joblessness, debt, the fear of a black president.  it sounds like a public enemy song.  if you thought I was referring to the USA you wouldn't be wrong but this song, these lyrics are about another nation.  It is a song, I think best sung by Wyclef Jean.

Google his work with the country of Haiti if you don't know what it is I'm referring to.  while the rest of the world is willing to forget Haiti and it's rich history, some still believe that nation deserves its own voice.  even if you think you know the history of Haiti am referring to, I urge you to wikipedia it anyway.

I try to visualize what it was like to be involved in a slave revolt. I imagine how bloody it must have been.  the suffering, the gore, balanced in opposition to a liberating feeling.  The Thought of throwing off the very chains that have enslaved you.  to open your eyes one day and see the possibility of surviving on my own terms not the commands of another.  after being born into repression awakening to a sense of freedom, alive in a tropical paradise.  a free state, an island nation in waters surrounded by slave colonies.  (a fate worse than any modern supermax prison.)  the closes free neighbor, the newly born United States of America... it is a history that if I ever learned it, I must have forgotten cause it wasn't on the test.  But it doesn't surprise me because tales like that of Haiti are tales that we are seldom taught. 

Haiti has become the symbol of the plight of suffering that we choose to forget.  perhaps it is because the history of both nations is so closely tied, maybe it is because their closeness of global location, or maybe it is because we still think of haiti as the little brother we can always take advantage of but look no further than Haiti to see how hypocritical when can be as a nation.  a couch's lifetime of therapy might not solve the issues between the nations but should the UN promise to pay the bill for counseling, it would do wonders for both countries national debt.

currently Wyclef has visions of beginning that healing process.  only knowing the man through his lyrics I have faith it is him.  I would love the opportunity however, to sit with his inner circle, share a bottle and learn more.  at that meetings, always prepared with a tale, I'd eventually have the opportunity to hand Wyclef a caipirinha.  as the drinks silky sweet taste passes his lips, notes of both bitter and sweet will being to dancing to an un-song lyrics in this mouth.  I will share the story of this tasty drink, allowing Wyclef time to think.

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Phill Briscoe said...

Liberation also calls for great responsibility and vision. Songs produce visions but unfortunately don't structure governments, build economies,educate the populace, rid corruption, or feed people. I appreciate your sentiments but the problem requires more than a tune we can all dance to.