Monday, August 29, 2011

The Moon May Set but the Sun Also Rises

cycles, it all proceeds with cycles... birth to death to birth once more, as the sun rise and sets I can sleep confident that the sun will rise again.  the seasons too, like the cycles of the moon ebb and flow bring new perspectives on what we think we know.  life is experienced through these cycles of bliss and fear.  at their apex all things seem divine, which in contrast often feels like lose when the cycle flows in the natural opposite direction.  sadness, pain and more fear pour into that void....

but this too is part of the divine, the rich part if we are willing to embrace it.  it is up to us to choose.

it is the voice of my father that speaks in my head when it is time to choose but it is the wisdom of the ages that he shares.  "during good times life is easy and it is easy to be good. it is during the challenging times where it matters how we choose to respond."

quitting only works if you choose to be a quitter.  I choose love because love is eternal, the source of bliss that is divine. as the cycles wane from high to low and seemingly cycle lower than I want to go, I choose to remain in love.  in those times it can seem difficult to know love but actually simple when you've seen the majesty of the sunrise. 

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Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes said...


Yes and yes and yes again....

"I choose love because love is eternal, the source of bliss that is divine."