Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dream - I'm Dreaming

i'm dreaming, ...a soundtrack lifts my soul as I float. downhill through the trees, I'm a ball of white. it is beautiful.  my excitement wakes me. opening one lazy eye the room is still dark, out of focus.  shutting my eye I breath deep, tomorrow will wait I'm off to another dream

she is on the beach.  it warms me to know she is there.  I'm in the water playing in the waves.  giving in to the sea my body flows, relaxed.  I dive, I surf, I splash, now and then I glance over to admire her, stretched out basking in the sun, she is beautiful.  the joy of her closeness wakes me.  my jaw hangs heavy, a touch of drool escapes the right corner of my mouth.  whipping my lip I roll over retuning to sleep, I'm dreaming

in the city now, I'm walking in the rain.  crowds of people push past, heads down they choose not to see me.  headphones in I rock my tunes as I step onto a crowded bus.  packed together we travel, each to our own beat.  at every stop dreary souls join as discourage ones leave.  where are we going I wonder... surely my alarm will soon wake me but for now I remain asleep  

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