Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beat it, Just Beat it - Wine not War

the drums are beating again.  it agonizes me to here them, a pounding in my head.  soon the saber rattling will begin, a shaking of my nerves.  once more our country is pushing towards war.  why?  we are told, as we are always told, that war is for a good reason but is it? it ever good to go to war.

they told us once that like dominoes, if we don't fight this war here and now, bad people would take over the world.  another time we were told that bad people had invaded a little country and now innocent people, many of them children were being killed.  we had to fight a war for their well being.  another time a man, a bad man, was causing harm around the world from his fortress built inside a cave.  only invade a country and begin a war would bring that man to justice.  more recently they told us a bad man had gathered dangerous weapons.  we had to start a war with him to prevent his from using those weapon.  in summation these stories sound funny but at the time the treats seemed real.  in truth each has been proven to be a half truths at best but for the most part a blatant lie.

now we are being told that syria, a member of the axis of evil, is using chemical weapons on it's rebellious people.  our government is telling us we must supply arms to this civil war so the rebels can fight back.  once our supplies flow in it becomes only a matter of time that we send more support.  Meanwhile, our claims of the use of illegal weapons is being doubted.  in the past i'd shake my fist and proclaim "how dare they doubt the USofA we're here to make the world a better place."  a beckon on a hill, a guiding light of democracy the ideals of our founding fathers.

putting the paper down i do not shake my fist, rather i pick up a glass of wine, sipping it i hold my head.  so many lies, cost so many lives.  we know this but still the beat goes on.  the saber rattling, the beating of the drum,  the call goes out once more.  we are on the brink of war

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