Wednesday, August 06, 2014

12 months... has it all changed
what was i drinking last night, I don't know.  it was wine.  it was sweet. it bubbled some.  it felt bright in the mouth.  it helped me giggle in these crazy crazy times.

ignoring the problems of the world, absorbed in self, i felt happy

taking work less serious was a joy
being less concerned with what people thought and more engaged with who people are was a relief.

Detached from the struggles around me i lived in a world of bliss.  which seems to be a world far different then the one most of us choose to occupy.  Opening my eyes to the realities of it all perhaps my detachment is part of the problem.

Oil Spills, Dirty Water, Polluted Oceans, a changing climate, drought... but who can focus on these troubles in the face of wars, wars and more WARS.

Sobering, the thoughts of today make the joys of tomorrow a distant idea.  12 months away from it all in bliss.  I need to get back to writing, it seems their is something out there we are all forgetting

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