Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Year to Toast

After only one year of aimless mental wondering and questionable wine insight I have apparently made an impression on more than a handful of not so loyal readers. In fact, it appears that I have stumbled upon an award that many have worked a lifetime to achieve. So then, how does one celebrate being named person of the year and having their picture on the cover of Time magazine? Well, for a mild manner bloke like myself, you party like its nineteen ninety nine.

With a glass of Penfolds Bin 138 Old Vines Shiraz 2002 in hand, I watched with tempered enjoyment as Seattle simulated the demolition of the Space Needle. Billed as the greatest New Years fireworks building display, I found myself more enthralled with my New Years kiss and glass of wine than the spectacularly lacking visual extravaganza. (Don’t get me wrong, the fireworks are great, but like most things, the display couldn’t live up to the hype.)

In contrast, my glass of Penfolds had no trouble living up to the billing. In the mouth the wine is a rich, rounded collection of ripe berries, with floral high notes with softly stated yet firm tannins. The juice is a contrast between the spicy generosity of the Shiraz and muscular structural contribution of the Mourvedre. This combination leads to a long, persistent finish. Just another example of a Penfolds' wine that drinks well above the value.

To me however the lingering flavor in my mouth was a bit more abstract. In the glass the wine exuded colors of joy and happiness for the accomplishments of the past year. On the nose were hints of prosperity in the near future. But once in the mouth the wine displayed a perfect balance of enjoyment, love and appreciation for those that made this and the many other happy new years possible.

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