Thursday, March 08, 2007

Antinori Solaia 2003 95 points - Now That's a Reality

"How do you explain these kneepads?" That was the question posed by my girlfriend.
Knowing the truth is never as fun as reality, I tried to ignore the question before me. Perhaps now, I should explain myself. (If only to clear my conscious.)

The reality in which I choose to live, I am a writer. Also in that reality, I know something about wine. But you already know that since part of your reality is spending time reading my work. In truth however, this blog may just be the bullshit ramblings of a delusional man. In my opinion though, that doesn't sound as fun. Especially since I'd have to admit I'm the delusional one. So I of course, I choose my reality over truth. Besides, referring to oneself as a writer sure sounds good to the ladies. And trust me, they like it even more when I surprise them with a fine wine selection.

And yet, no matter what I choose for my reality I come in contact with other people's realities. In this case, the reality that my girlfriend is holding a pair of scuffed-up kneepads wondering what I possibly use them for. The reality in which I sometimes do hard labor to pay the bills might shatter my ladies belief that I'm a writer. (Life can get interesting when differing realities collide) Rather then allowing my girlfriend to suffer the mind blowing effects that occur when someone is suddenly awaken to a new reality, I decide it would be best if I help ease her into the truth among the reality.

For those that have tried this feat, you know, helping someone into a new reality can be perilous. For those that have not yet tried to introduce someone into a new reality, know this... Choose your tools wisely. I happened to have a bottle of Antinori Solaia 2003 to help us on her journey.

Antinori Solaia 2003 is the perfect tool for a guided reality transition. The wine's elegant blend of tannins support a the sensation of sweetness and weight. In addition the lack of harshness that is sometimes associated with big red Italian wines make Solaia a very approachable beverage during such a delicate situation. But perhaps the biggest advantage of the Solaia is the balance the wine shows, with distinctive sweetness from riper grapes. Finally the long impressive finish of the wine, with hints of liquorice and coffee, truly mellow reality.

After some talking and that exceptional bottle of wine we were again able to mesh our realities. I'd like to think I thoroughly explained the reason behind the kneepads. At least that is how I remember that conversation in my reality. However in truth, the smart money is on the reality of rambling bullshit.

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