Monday, September 17, 2007

What's to Debate - Coppolla Wine is Great

Wine holds a wonderful power of bringing people together. Time with friends shared by wine is truly one of life's great pleasures. Amazingly though, it is not only with friends that wine can be enjoyed. Many times I've found myself in the mist of controversial debate with perfect strangers, the only thing holding the difficult conversation together, a superior glass of wine. I once again found myself in such a situation awaiting a table for dinner. The current debate was what to do with the recently sold Bond record-breaking home run ball. The wine that kept me enthralled, Rubicon Estate Cask Cabernet Sauvignon 2003.

As I watched my wine bottle passed from one stranger to another I heard the rambling of personal thoughts of what should be done with the ball, Barry himself and the entire game of major league baseball. As points were raised and counter points suggested, my focused wavered from slight interest, to football season and finally settling on a desire to get one more glass of this wine. The intense flavors surrounded the pallet with layer upon layer of ripe, red cherries, plum, vanilla, cocoa, and toast.

My new friends continued their conversation as I slipped into a debate with myself. Per value I wondered, which of the Rubicon Estate wines that I recently enjoyed brought me the greatest joy. Each has a wonderful taste bond by a beautiful structure helping both wines earn high ratings in my book and the powers of the wine-rating world. My own question seemed answer as the muse of the original debate finally made its way back into my own hands. With the last drops of Rubicon Estate Cask Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 racing my glass it all seemed so very clear.

Conversations, experience, timing and even luck always play a part in how one feels about a wine. So when forced to ponder the greatness of great compared to the excellence of excellent the debate can seem unsettlable. Rather then falling into the trap of absolutes, I chose to recall the perfection of my prior Rubicon experience after I fully enjoy the pleasures of the present one. Just like the debate over what to do with the homerun ball, I decided it’s a silly debate best suited for others to sort out. I'm content to drink my wine and chalk up one more memorable experience.

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