Friday, April 13, 2007

Celebrate the NBA's ROY with Rubicon 2002

For me, April is the month of transitions. As one season begins to bloom and the activities of life change, so do the things we do for sport. I welcomed this years change by sitting on my deck; notebook on my lap and glass of wine at my side. Before I settled down to write I tuned the radio to catch my first baseball game of the year. The boys of summer are back. The headline match-up of the day featured some big name "boys" from the land of the rising sun. Although the game proved to be entertaining, like the weather, the full transition to the summer season had not yet arrived. An evening chill moved me indoors and I decided to seek inspiration from the passing season.

With the madness of March firmly behind us, basketball fans attention is left to focus solely on the upcoming NBA playoffs. While the playoffs promise many intriguing match-ups this season, the most exciting new-comer (the Rookie Of the Year) will be left out in the cold. Luckily, much like the bottle of Coppola wine I was drinking, this years ROY promises to retain his phenomenal quality even with age.

If I had to compare Brandon Roy to a bottle of wine, he would definitely be a bottle of Coppola's Rubicon 2002. Silky smooth skills, which paired with anything can subtly enhance the flavors of the team or a meal. When needed, he and the wine can overwhelm the palate with robust intensity and flavor that, even after a long subtle finish, keeps the audience so impressed that they beg for more.

However any true basketball/wine fan would know that only the 2002 vintage of Rubicon fully describes the flavor that is Brandon Roy. the quality of Rubicon is superb year to year, but the 2002 vintage stands above all else, just ask the "Wine Enthusiast". In that same regard Roy's skills would have qualified him as great, had he followed his original plans to skip college and go straight to the NBA out of high school. Luckily wisdom prevailed. By allowing him to mature for a full four years, like a fine wine in a cellar, Roy's release on the NBA this season has allowed him to showcase his greatness. Not only has Roy proved he is the finest newcomer this season but also shown he is a player who's team is one to watch for years to comes. Cheers to this season ROY, a taste I look forward to enjoying for seasons to come.

As for the Rubicon 2002, if you hope to enjoy it, I'd suggest you act now. My sources tell me few bottle are left in circulation.

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