Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Reason to Enjoy Wine - Water

In ancient times when societies couldn't trust their water supplies they relied on alcoholic to purify beverages. The low cost and less nuanced beverage, beer became the drink of the working class masses. Those with more elite tastes and the means to procure the fruits an artisans labor, wine was the beverage of choice. In fact, wine was so cherished that it transcended the status of a simple beverage, rising up to become a holy sacrament. Across cultures and throughout the ages, wine has held an important role in society.

As the world became more modernized, mankind's attachment to the mystical powers of wine has diminished. We no longer relied on it to purify our water, lowering back to the status of a beverage for elitists. Water, safe and pure is so abundant that it flows freely from the tap. Even more specialized waters can be bought that fulfill any need or desire. All the body needs in the brave new world is water. Thanks to human ingenuity reliable drink water is everywhere... or so we thought.

Not to be an alarmist, for the water you drink today will likely not kill you tomorrow. No, with such trace amounts of pharmaceuticals it will take time to built up to a danger point in the system. We likely won't need to lose sleep about polluted water, rather we can once again pass this dilemma on to the next generation.

However, for those that live their life on the safe side; now you have a good excuse to drink in the beauty of healthy living. Forget water, enjoy wine.

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