Monday, December 01, 2008

Say it Ain't so - No More MOJO

A guess I should have seen it coming. Had I spend more time with my favorite channel on the web rather than watching it on my HD TV I would have know this day was coming. But since I was unaware of the looming doom, I was surprised to discover that today the MOJO channel was been cancelled.

For me MOJO had become a mind numbing desert, enjoyed after dinner with a nice glass of wine. With the stress of the work day now behind me, I would relax with TV pals like Zane Lamprey. Together we'd learn how best to catch a buzz all over the world. As I wine greek, I have been looking forward making a new friend in Billy Merritt on UnCorked. But that is all on hold for now.

Instead I stare at a simple text message on a black screen. Wine in hand and sadness in my heart. I've lost my MOJO.
Let's have a drink.

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