Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoes Are Not Enough - Give Bush the Boot

As I watched the infamous shoe incident once again, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Pausing to pour a glass of wine I was suddenly struck by the symbolism of the moment. Perhaps it was the rich bright crimson ruby of the wine that brought the tragedy of the moment into focus. Or maybe the complex layered nose of ripe black cherry, overlaid with dark chocolate and violets that sparked my thinking. But it could have been simply the wine's label that made the shoes incident so clear. Trevor Jones Boots Grenache.

Unlike other commentators that contrast this shoe throw spectacle with toppling of the Saddam statue. For me, this moment awakens memories of the traveling boots memorial that visually brings to life the lives lost in this needless war.

It is bad enough to see all the boots let behind by the brave soldiers who lost their life because the Bush administration lied us into war. But an equally shocking part of the display is the piles of shoes that represent the now millions of Iraq's that have died since the invasion.

For now W was able to avoid a pair of shoes but I pray the souls of the many lives he has effected will continue to haunt him.

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