Monday, June 22, 2009

Breath It In - That's a Goode Wine

Sitting with this beautiful blond, I realize just can't get enough of her. Constantly drinking her in threw my nose I am overwhelmed. A kiss from her honeysuckle fragrance gives me pause. A close my eyes to meditate on her; all that she is and all that she will be once I allow her to meet my lips.

Opening my eyes now I stare at her in the glass. The juice of the Murphy Goode Sauvignon Blanc 2008 displays a bright blond color, but it is her alluring aroma that holds my attention. With another deep inhale a crooked smile crosses my face. The pleasant taste imparted in my nose just might be enough. Too often we rush to the palate before we learn to appreciate the sensations on the nose. Like only experiencing half the love, the pleasure of the juice on the lips is nothing without the first enjoying the tantalizing bouquet that fills the nose.

Still, I could only tease my senses any longer. Prior to allowing the wine to pass my lips, I take one last long breath in. From the sweet scents of honeysuckle, my senses are quickly overcome by bursts of citrus and tropical fruit. The glorious blend of texture, bright notes of grapefruit and hints of tangerine fill my mouth. The moniker of Goode fits this wine well. Allowing the flavor to linger in the back of my throat I imbibe the nose once more. I'm in no hurry, my time with this beautiful blond will be savored.

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