Thursday, June 11, 2009

Milbrandt Sauvignon Blanc - That's Workable

A cool breeze rustles the leaves as the trees sway along the bank of the canal. It’s a weekday so most of the water-craft traffic is of a working nature. Still, a few of the passing boats appear to be out for a pleasure cruise. A tour ship passes full of out-of-towners, their eyes fixed on the passing scenery. I stare back. I'm content here in the park, not trapped aboard a floating tour. I grab my glass of wine and take a sip. (I know I shouldn't be drinking in a public place but sometimes it feels good to break the rules.)

Today is a lazy work, at least for me. Rather than slaving behind the computer I'm working on a bottle of Milbrandt Sauvignon Blanc 2007. A Washington Sauvignon Blanc, this wine leans more towards fresh fruit rather than the herbal flavors found in some renditions. The nose delivers melons, apples, mangos, oranges and kiwis. On the palate the wine is clean, bright, fresh, lively and crisp. On a warm day like today there are few beverages more refreshing than a cool glass of young Sauvignon Blanc.

A couple friends arrive by bike to help finish the bottle. We have a ride planned, but for now we will enjoy the waning moments of the workday.

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