Friday, August 14, 2009

Scarrone - Simple Blend, But At A Price

It's early, at least it feels that way to my aching body. Through the lens of one good eye I scan the room. Empty wine bottles and glassware liter the room but no one insight. It takes all my strength to sit upright. I'm not yet prepared to move beyond this point, so I sit back and allow myself to sink into the couch. My head is pounding. I close my eyes and think back to what got me here...

A blur of good food, friends and tomfoolery rewinds in my mind. Once at the evenings source I play it forward. A ruby purple color pours slowly into a glass, unleashing intense aromas cherries with vanilla and hints of brown spice. At first sip refreshing acidity and rich tannins excite the pallet. Great complexity, excellent balance give way to a long lingering finish. In instinctively I wet my lips. It is as if I am once again sampling this fuller-bodied Barbera.

Damn you Vietti, your Barbera d'Alba Scarrone got me again. Such a beautiful wine. It is easy to find yourself giving in to her temptations, allowing the nights merriment to carry on until daybreak.

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