Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time to Reflect - Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The gentle cords of the guitar lead in as I break out. On the open road now, I came for the space to clear my head. I drive and it feels good, windows down, volume up. The lyrics lacing in, grabbing my attention before helping me drift freely with my thoughts. The piano break bring me back briefly. Just long enough for me to acknowledge I have no direction planned. I have just over 100 miles left on this tank of gas, a tent, a change of clothes, 67.23 in cash and a bottle of wine.

When its time to pull over, I'll know. That's when I'll look for a nice: river, stream, or "crick". Finding a spot on it's bank, I'll pull up a log and sit. No need for a glass, I'll drinking straight from the bottle and listen for the coming dusk. The last bird songs in the trees over head, the breeze as it passes through the leaves, the deeper tone of the lapping water as it seemingly grows heavier with the dropping temperature. I anticipate peacefulness.

Away from the calls, away from the sorrys for my lose, away from all the stuff that comes with the death of a close relative, I will have time to be with me. Selfish as it maybe, I knew this morning I needed to take time for just me. My goal was to find a quiet spot were I could enjoy bottle of 2005 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. I want time to reflect on all that has passed. What a year it has been, what a year.

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