Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Greed Works, But For Who?

For a lack of a better word, "Greed" Gordon tells me, "is good."  In his thinking greed is the motivator.  Rather than siting on one's ass, greed pushes people forward to strive for the best in life.  Greed "clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit". Greed it turns out keeps us accountable, it weeds out the weak and rewards the strong.  In Mr. Gekko's way of thinking we can thank greed for making things better.

For sure, it is greediest fruit that produce the most sugar, that become the riches in nutrients and thus is able to transform into the most complex of juice.  The richness of the greedy grapes makes the Barolos that I lust for possible.  In a sense, I must admit that old Gordo is right, greed works.

I'll make sure to tell him that when he is finally released from prison.  I'll pour him a glass of wine and let him enjoy it before asking him to elaborate more on greed.  I'm sure the greedy actions of his ex-wife have helped form some fresh opinions on greed which he will undoubtedly be moved to share.

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