Monday, September 27, 2010

Rubicon Wine On My Mind - Wash This Bad Taste Away

After last night's rant, I tried to chill out with a little TV.  For that, I turned to AMC.  I was hoping to find a smart, entertaining show that would allow my mind to peaceful drift into a different world.  The show I turned to shares the name of a wine, that vintage after vintage, I continue to enjoy.  One sip of Rubicon, the superior wine from Coppola's estates in California, always takes me to a happy place.  Without a bottle of Rubicon on the shelf (in these tough times I've had to reduce my cellar inventory) my hope was that Rubicon the new AMC show could produce a similar pleasure.

The show states, not every conspiracies is theory; true I say.  I'd add, not all conspiracies are entertaining either.  Maybe I missed something, this was episode ten.  With no background on the series, perhaps I dove in over my head.  Then again perhaps not.  I may have been asking too much from a show simply because it shares it's name with a great wine.  Or maybe that is the conspiracy of the whole thing; a writer who's dreams were destroyed by Coppola, decided the best way to get revenge was to destroy Coppola's best wine by creating a disappointing show of the same name.  That is Diabolical.

The show did have one highlight.  A piece of dialog, that for me, will be a classic line, "what is the significance of 4:20."  Maybe if I'd taken that thought to heart the show would have made a lot more sense.

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