Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Legged Dog - A Change of Perspective

I want to be outside playing today, but it's wet.  I have a cough, I have work that needs to get done, I need to be responsible.

Rather then diligently typing away in an effort to meet my deadline, I catch myself staring out the window, mesmerized by the falling rain.  I'm feeling like a little kid; trapped inside, safely tucked away from the fun adventure of a blustery day.  Instead, I rebelliously decide to enjoy a glass of last nights wine.

The pace of my typing has not picked up but thanks to the Dunham Three Legged Red 2008, my enjoyment has.  Having spent a night in a half drank bottle did this juice some justice.  This already very approachable blend was able open to up a touch more giving the wine a slightly silkier, smooth finish.

Looking at the black and white dog on the label, as the wine slides past my lips, I thinks about an article I just read about the majestic moves of another beautiful black and white animal.  To gracefully slide on water like the orcas of the south, that would be a dream.  
More rain falls outside my window but finally I agree its time to work.  I'll pass on stomping in puddles today if it means floating through piles of powder this weekend.

It's funny how one glass of wine can change our perspective.

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