Friday, June 15, 2007

Gratefully Not Dead – Jerry Garcia Wine

I realize it’s been awhile since I penned my last entry. And for a time, like many other bloggers, I thought perhaps I might have already created my last post. With so much craziness in the world I began to wonder what was the point.

Between the distractions of the growing wars, the political lies and the faltering state of current policies (healthcare, energy, immigration, etc) I’ve found myself emotionally drained. “No excuse” I heard somewhere in the distance. Birthdays, holidays and gifts have kept me busy. I’ve been feeling exhausted. On the roof a flicker tapped out, “keep typing”. Apparently needing to relax I’ve been spending time with the TV, sports, video games and movies. “Get something done” my dog looked at me crossly. But what does he know, that lazy sucker lies around all day while I work, read and scheme.

Finally taking a break from it all, I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to the deck to summon an old friend for some spiritual healing. His aura all around me, and his tunes on my I-pod, I released him from his bottle. Like a genie he granted my wishes. The nose was full and magnificent. As it hit my pallet, the juice, was rich, velvety and generous with subtle flavors of black cherries, cocoa, vanilla, dried herbs and spice. Like the man himself, an adventure with Jerry Garcia North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 is a memorable evening.

I took another sip and understood what I had to do.
[Cue "Truck'n" and fade to black...]

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