Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Is My Glass Really Empty

When a glass is empty their is no half full.  From that point, the brighter side only happens when you open another bottle, at least that's what you hope, that's what they tell you and usually that's what you want to believe.  But when you enjoy a special bottle of wine, and when that bottle is enjoy in the right environment and further more when that wine is given the opportunity to fully express itself, you know, no matter what a similar label claims, their is no other bottle.

It was the bluest of blue eyes that taught me that.  She shared a bottle with me once that would've pleased the gods, and likely did.  I however was to drunk from the night before to even taste it.  I sucked that wine down like it was two buck chuck.  Asking for another glass before my first glass was gone.  Without stopping to enjoy the bouquet, without appreciating the deep crimson color, without even trying to taste the juice, I rushed in. I gulped down another drink.  Who needs to feel, just keep me drunk.

And drunk it kept me, so much so that I never realized we (as in I) drank the entire bottle.  Nor did I realize that she was gone.  I thought she had just left to find another bottle.  I heard later that she had brought one and only one bottle for me to enjoy with her; a special bottle that she'd been saving to share at the right time with the right man.  Looking back I wished she had found him.  Had he been me, I would be sharing a fabulous tale of a fantastic wine with a beautiful woman.  Instead, I'm left feeling like shit, head pounding and wondering what did I drink.

Sober now, glass fully empty, blue eyes haunt me now, where did she go.

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