Friday, March 11, 2011

Am I First or Was I Last - Times are Chang'n

The New York city skyline rolls in the opposite direction through my cab window. From my prospective, the city and I travel in different directions. Rooted firmly in hard earth, most people believe this city, like most cities, is going nowhere. On the other hand, I am speeding as fast possible through this snarling traffic in an uncertain direction. If you ask me I don't know where I'm heading. Other than an address, all I know is I'm meeting an old friend for a drink. The bottle of wine I brought along isn't going to make it. I decided to sample a drink while I waited for my cab but now it's remnants are being sacrificed to calm my nerves in this rat race of a town. If you ask most people they'd likely agree, I have no clue where I'm going.

As the world rushes forward, chasing technology, I appear rooted in the past. Cities seem more and more foreign to me, choosing the mountains as my home and a farm as my passion. Ask me and the future I see is clear, at least for me. The direction of the city concerns me. As I move forward to change with the times, the city stands still, unwavering in its opposition to change. I see the people on the other side of the cab window, continuing to go about with a business as usual mentality, but they like me already know these are unusual times. A ballad of truth sings out from my ipod, "the times the are a changing".

Another tragedy in the news, more civil unrest and stories upon stories of baffling disturbances in world we once referred to as natural. "for the times they are a chang'n."

Shortly, I'll be deposited curbside. Leaving the solitary environment of the cab, I will once again be in the city.  I will begin walking in my direction as the city stays committed beneath me. Around us others will glide past in their chosen paths, but little of that concerns me now, I have an old friend to meet.  I'd better grab a new bottle of wine so I can greet them properly.

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