Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Art of Seduction - Try Penfolds Grange

what do I know about wine a friend once asked. not much was my immediate reply, but I do know it is all about seduction.

I mean, wine doesn't always make the meal but you don't invited a woman home for a six-pack. wine tasting alone is an art full of sentuous story telling. making wine is a study in patience. and from my experince, a man educated in wine is best prepared to lure hot chicks. that's why I went into the wine business any way, the seduction of it.

but to truley seduce someone it takes more than wine. seduction is all about knowing them. likes, dislikes, taste in music, true hair color, etc.; you know the things that are important to her. a fool turns to money for seduction, but it takes more than money. admittedly at times money can get a woman in bed but the question then becomes who was seduced; the prey or the person happily parting with their money.

beside, seduction is more than its latin roots would imply, "to lead astray". sedcution done well, and I'd argue done properly, is understanding one's wants, desires and needs. seduction therefore becomes the gateway by which a new expereince, a new realm of understanding can open up for a person. when I was first exposed to Penfolds Grange that's all it took. The inky deep color, overwhelming aroma and flavors of ripe, dense, sweet fruit, mouth-flooding tannins, I meet a wine of rare dimension. seduction complete, my life was changed... for the better. that's all I know about wine.

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