Tuesday, December 06, 2011

99 Percent Magic and a Bottle of Wine

"wake up to this all and announce, where are the writers of this generation?"

this is my post on facebook tonight. I cast a spell to wake people in the morning. at least that is my hope. or perhaps we really are alone, a nation without voice. these are tough times so, I know there are stories out there. Tough stories, tragedies, lots of dramas. I know this because I'm feeling them, My friends are all living them. It's hard, I know. But there is hope in some in these stories, a little love too. Those are the tales that need to be told.

99 percent of the nation I'm told. all but one percent of us have something that needs to be heard, so tell it. Scream it if you have to, just don't cause a riot, and please clean-up any mess you make. Heck just be respectful, if not to yourself to the process. For centuries people have managed to share the stories of their time. stuff about what happened, how they got thru, the hopes and dreams that kept them going. So I cast my spell because I hope to hear them.

wake-up writers and show yourselves. 99 percent of us are in need of inspiration because we are getting screwed, or am I just drunk.

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