Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feed the Beast

he's a hungry little bugger. promise a kid a couple skittles and it's amazing the tasks he'll perform, at least this kid. We are skiing, and as an instructor I've always hated handing out gummy bears during my lessons. when kids would ask me for some my reply would always be "sure, if we can find out which one of you is holding." That usually shuts the little beggar up right away. no kids wants to have their private stash revealed to the others.

meanwhile, this little one in front of me appears to be a different beast altogether. Younger and younger parents are pushing their kids into ski lessons. most kids under five lack much of the muscle development needed to ski, sure their are always exceptions but even those kids often lack the attention span to keep their little body warm on a cold day. That said, our mountain allows four year old into the program. I've heard of other places that will go as low as three. Of course, with a signed injury waiver and for a price, I got roped into teaching an Almost three year old. I will say, what he lacked in muscle he made up for in balance. But he was a hungry little bugger.

meltdown after meltdown lead to the realization that all this kids really needs is more fuel. the parent wants to see them ski and I can put up with sliding this kid all day as long the kid can hold it together. looking in my pockets for an answer, remnants of the last hawks game provided my solution. Thank you skittles. sugar goes a long way when attempting to sooth a savage beast, so I feed it.

For a brief moment I felt guilty about pumping this guys kid full of sugar just so he could make it through the two hour lesson. However, when the dad handed me the tip, guilty washed away as my intention turned to the wine I'd soon be purchasing. Feed this beast a little wine and it's amazing what he'll get into.

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