Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Awake the Muse

she's whispering in my ear so I wake. I've been in a fog, walking an uninspired yet charmed life. around me so much wonder needing to be told. lately though, I haven't been bold enough to tell it. instead I float, life slides by around me.

behind me she walks past out of view. her hand glides across my back from shoulder to shoulder letting me know she is near. I'm warmed by her touch. glancing over me shoulder I hope to see her, wanting to meet her with a smile. in my mind I can hear her giggle, I can see her dance. I love to watch her body move.

her music plays in the background as I finally get myself to work. focus, write, focus write, focus write... instead I continue to dream. where will thoughts of my muse guide me next.

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