Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Who's Sexy Sexy - Enjoy the Tempranillo & I'll Tell You

the bounce is back, the dude is back, got my swagger back, sexy sexy deal with it...

in the city again dealing with all the drama. up in the mountains things have been simpler. staying warm, surviving, understanding joy and discovering the depths of love; these are the things that consume our daily life. down here in the city life is easier but living is so much more complex. everything I could ever want is within reach, yet so much junk is in the way. disconnected from the world the city seemingly consumes the soul. people think of self before considering the "us" in each other.

I can feel the energy shift as the drama rises. grabbing a bottle of tempranillo I head off to dinner. my hope is that the earthy notes of this Washington grown wine will ease the burdens of a city day. we drink in the juicy notes of red fruit and savory the long finish.  paired with a home cooked vegetarian meal the energy around the dinner table is good. Drama swirls around us but life rolls on in our comforting little bubble. Friends, real friends, people that care for people, they can keep you sane in the insanity of the city.

finding what I need, this time is the city has come to its conclusion. change clothes, yeah uh, sexy sexy, turn your radio up. I drive back to the hill

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