Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extra Extra, Drink All About it

I never change, never change, the lyrics once again speak true.  I'm under a deadline of self imposed importance which is the easiest and worse kind of deadline to break.  once again I suspect that I'm about to let myself down.  It is already nearing the end of February according to the calendar.  Yet hope rings true, suddenly I realize it's a leap year, I've been blessed with one extra day to make everything right.

opening a bottle of Caymus Special Select, I pause to reflect on the blessing of one more day.  Suddenly discovering an extra day opens a new world of thinking.  having recently been confronted by the death of friends friends, I'm been wondering about the meaning of my own mortality.  not usually a topic I dwell on, death, it struck me that suddenly I've seemingly been granted an extra day in life.  taking a sip of my wine, I begin to ponder how to spend the day.

if we could be free of everything that needs to be done, guiltless of who we should share that day with, aware that this fictional day is extra how; I wonder how I would choose to use such a day.  not to meet some deadline I realize, that needs to be dealt with first.  And being that this not so fictional extra day is in february I know exactly what I want to do with it, so I need to get stuff done so the coming wednesday can be guilt free.  taking another sip I put down the wine in favor of a pen.  I have work to get done, on the 29th we ride

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