Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lost to Transition

we all have reason's for what we like.  what we don't like, and why we do what it is we do.  I don't have to agree with yours, nor should you have to agree with mine.  just here me out because I love fall.  unlike all those stupid kids that always cheered for summer cuz it meant no school.  I saw the big picture, shit like school was gonna come and go but it aint going to ruin me, I like fall.  push me down and call it autumn i'll look you in the eyes and say i like fall...

I have more to say but i don't feel like typing. it's not a debate it is how i feel i like fall, harvest, football, thanksgiving, the return of mountain snow

i done with this unfinished post fall is upon us i have other things to do

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