Friday, October 05, 2012

Cheers, Cheers, Cheers - Beat the Ducks

I'm getting drunk on wine and I'm all worked up... I hate the university of oregon football.  that shouldn't be a surprise because here is my reasoning. But before I can start people always wonder why I could hate a little hippie school from the pacific northwest.  what's not to like they ask; small liberal arts school, prefontaine, green... they're just ducks. Exactly I say.  I need more wine if I'm to discuss the f'n ducks.

hate for their football team does not reflect how I feel about the state, the town, the school, the people that go there, my many friends that graduated from the school, or even some of the players in the past.  (keep it real for t-town bobby moore) why I hate UofO duck football is because they represent everything wrong with NCAA football today.  yep, they are the biggest hypocrites in the Pac12 if not on the planet.

it wasn't always like that.  it use to be all students get in the game free.  they played by the rules and won a few games.  had some great players and did some good things.  they had some tradition but winning big games wasn't one of them.  quick to call other schools cheaters and criminals they built a culture around vulgarity.  "you knew going to autzen meant running into hostile fans." kids would use profanity while parents would spit.  it was less then becoming of a "liberal hippie school", but hey this is football.

the devil came along one day and they made a deal.  phil knight and nike realized they couldn't own an NFL team so they'd settle for the next best thing.  a football team designed to sell more product.  quickly oregon became the cheats they once despised and nurtured criminals to bring in the Ws.  They embraced everything they once hated and still continued to hated more then the rest.  Win at all costs, who needs a soul when you have a national title?

thankfully they don't have a title, nor do they have a long list of rose bowl victory (now or in the past).  they might have lots of uniforms and tons of media attention, they even still have rabid fans but the other thing they still lack, a soul.  the small hippie school sold that long ago.  And that's why I hate the ducks.

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