Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't Rush, Drink It All In - Then Enjoy

my mother says to me, "don't rush it."
she reminds me, "there's plenty of time."

mothers opinions coming from love, she just wants the best for me.  she gets sad when I'm sad, she wants to kiss any owie and make it better.  she knows it doesn't changes things but still she is always willing to share a hug.  my mother has always just wanted me to explore and find happiness.  i'm lucky to have such a great mother.  she knows me well

i do rush.  when I want something i can be impatient with time.  i tend to forget their is plenty in the world, especially if you go a little slower and pay attention to all the blessings.  i like to get after it, charge toward me goal and take what i believe to be mine.  it makes me feel like and man yet most times i'm such a boy. 

time still for plenty of growing in my life.  i know what i want, the seeds are planted and my intentions are true, good, honest.  with the warmth of love those seeds will surely grow.  a worthy wine takes time, it can't be rushed, even after it is poured into the glass it is best to pause and appreciate it before slugging it down.  see, swirl, sip, enjoy...

i'm listening mom

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