Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Love, What Love, Share with Me

"what do i know of love" she asks...  what words just left my mouth, i need to think.  one moment i was enjoy the buzz of a beautiful wine and the next a question hangs heavy about a seriousness i'm not prepared to consider at this moment.  drunk on rosa regale i'm in no mood for seriousness.  I take another drink but as I lower my glass i see she still looks at me quizzically.  this is serious.  i'm not going to think about why the question was ask, i'm going to go with the flow.  from head to mouth the thoughts of my heart pour out.

i know little of love but i know i've felt it.  Love is wonderful, magical and it hurts.  I've been broken by love.  left for dead, eventually i got back up looking for more, helped to my feet by the love of others.  the feeling of love is to great to ignore.  the beauty of love is that it's a gift to be shared.  love alone is not love at all, love that is shared moves mountains.

in love i feel three times larger and yet i don't know why.  love drives me to do things and i am able to do them because love fuels me.  away from my love i'm free to experience the world yet nothing is as enjoyable as my love so i always return.  life is lonely without love.  i know so little about love in fact that i tend to smother my lover, wanting so much to be with love I stifle the life in love.  you gotta let love grow, love needs space so it can get bigger.  i love love and fear love, love scares me but that is Love

at least that is what i know, because i felt it.

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