Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Pause For Reflection - Raaai Nieerrr BEER

Who have I become?

I'm standing outside a reopened restaurant, waiting for an once mighty sandwich that i fear now is only an over priced shell of it's former glory. My conversation is with a guy from Boston about a football game that also didn't end well upon revisiting it.  I'm actively breaking the law as I stand on the streets of Seattle drinking a beer.

Who have I become?

where are the insightful tales of wine consumption full of my opinions and tasting notes.  a refined pompous alcoholic is how i once summed up my writing style.  sometimes incoherent blabber, often times poorly spelled and questionable grammar but always lucidly edgy, sprinkled with tidbits of information.  Drunk on wine I remained functional.  Now, I hardly write.  It's been since last summer that I penned my last confession.

Tonight as I await my dinner I live in the past, not caring as I drink my beer.

gone is the forward motion of my story.  Gone is the quest to find pleasant new tastes.  GONE is my interest of how things should be, I now talk of how they once were.  How things use to be better.  I settle for the reliable staleness of a Rainier in a tall can.

I look like a hipster city dweller.  I sound like a grumpy old man.  I've lost my taste for taste, instead relying on the feel of seeming ironic.  Grabbing my sandwich and finishing my beer I walk towards home, it is time for a long look in the mirror. 

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