Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting Old School and Thoughts For My Future

15 years ago would have liked to been where I am sitting right now.  from this vantage, chilling in the sun, enjoying the beverage of my choice.  Instead I was in Vegas.  Beverage of choice in hand, I'm was watching screens when I realized they just blew up the Kingdom.  Years earlier I partied with UCLA after they own that Final Four in that building.

In Vegas, on this day, my beats on tournament games were making money.  Like a baller a give my server a five dollar chip for every free drink.  It felt good in the moment, but then I saw the building come down on a replay.  I should have been there but I had to work.  Who's the baller now I remember thinking as I processed the fact the Kingdom was now gone and like thousands of trees in the woods I wasn't there to hear it make a noise, only memory reminds me it happened.

Back on the hill in the present tense I wonder who is the baller, and what does that mean.  Grown up should I even use that language now.  I need a new job is what I'm thinking now.  Two stadiums now stand where once their was just one.  Fact relives it happened but memory is what makes the moment real.  I can see images in reply but I wasn't there.  I have to admit sometimes I wonder what is real.

What is real in the now, my bracket is busted.  I'm drinking a merlot and not really enjoying it.  Baller his is not me, or perhaps he is.  Tucked in this beautiful moment looking out on the mountains, the sound, Seattle; I'm basking in the sun.  Enjoying this moment on my terms creating a memory.

Who I am, The world I am manifesting? The power of this day for me is wrapped in an image.  I guess I'm left to see if the rest of the universe can see it.  

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