Friday, October 21, 2016

Visions of the Black Wolf - Cos Nero di Lupo

even with the expanse of infinite distance some moments, so perfect, happen in a way that can only be experienced as magic.

Southern Cross is blasting from the speaker.  above the music I'm popping the cork on a bottle of Cos wine.  soon I will be lost in Sicily. And with a sip I am back...

Tasting the wine. Recalling the grape. Imagining the conditions in the vineyard. Feeling the soil, the wind the sun I am there again. recalling friends.  friends there that play water polo, friend here they should know. friends here you should know that are currently vacationing there, enjoying a honeymoon.  millions of thoughts return from that taste of fermented grape juice in a glass.

I am everywhere in the moment lost in the grape...thoughts.  my ramblings... Is it the taste, is it the alcohol, is it the wine maker, is it the vineyard or maybe its just the dreamy music that transport to a Mediterranean sea bound adventure.

I am relaxed again.  writing.  Enjoying thoughts on wine, grapethoughts. feel free to share your thoughts of black wolf with me, no need to leave me drinking alone. I thinks it's a great wine. #GoDawgs    

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