Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fear, Lothing and the NFL - any wine

I should be clinking glasses and saying cheers, football is back and thus the nation has ample reasons to celebrate or commiserate. It all depends on which side of the fantasy argument you find yourself on.  A large portion of the country is involved in fantasy in some way. The numbers might seem staggering.

I however am lost in my own numbers.  Heavily burdened with running backs, no TE and a sub-par producer at the QB position it is going to be tricky to take this team to the playoffs.  I really should get more involved with managing this team. For the second year in a row auto-draft screwed me.  I shouldn't be complaining, in truth, I probably screwed myself.

I'm just nervous as the new season of fantasy is upon us.  New players, new teams, new season.  Really what makes me nervous about my fantasy team is the thought of loosing.  With so many new people into fantasy, even our league has been altered.  For the first season in the history of your league their is a woman among us.  The macho me takes a drink of wine... He doesn't want to lose to a girl.

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