Monday, January 16, 2006

Bearboat Pinot Noir - The Ultimate House Warming Gift

Since the beginning of homes, there has been a need for house warming parties, which means the need for a house warming gift. We all know that the best house warming gift of all time has always been wine. For some, picking the right wine can be difficult decision. Should you find yourself facing such a dilemma in the next few months I have the answer for you. You will always be invited back if you bring Bearboat Pinot Noir.

When bringing wine as a gift always keep in mind what the wine you choose says about you and your relationship with the gift receiver. Firstly, it is always good to know what type of wine the home owner drinks. If you don’t know, red is the safest choice. Secondly choose a varietal that the host will enjoy. Again if you don’t know the safest varietals have traditionally been Merlot or Cab Sauv, but now days the trending pick is a Pinot Noir, especially if it's a California Pinot. And finally you must consider price. If you by a wine that is too expensive you run the risk of it not being appreciated, but if you get a wine that is too cheap you could easily picking up a crappy wine. Although bad beer has its place, there is nothing worse than bad wine. (You do tend to get what you pay for.) So keeping all these factors in mind, Bearboat Pinot Noir is not only a safe choice it is an excellent choice.

I highly suggest Bearboat Pinot Noir beacuse for the value it is a tough wine to beat. While it is a trendy California wine that fits all the criteria for a great house warming gift, the most important fact is Bearboat Pinot Noir tastes great. In the glass it is a brilliant red wine with a sweet bouquet. Once in the mouth the wine is a pleasant balance between fresh berries and black licorice. The long finish helps keep the wine in the back of your mind, enticing you until your next sip. It is a true treat in a bottle. I highly suggest grabbing a bottle or two of Bearboat Pinot Noir. Even if there is no house warming on the horizon, you’ll find a reason to enjoy a bottle. And as long as you’re drink Bearboat Pinot Noir you and your friends will be happy.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed some Bearboat at Strip House in NYC on wed. First time I had tried it. Very solid pinot - highly reccomend it.