Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pinotage - South African wine can make any meal great

Last night I got home from work tired, uninspired and ready for dinner. In such a state cooking for one’s self is out of the question. Lacking motivation prevents one from going out to eat. So with options limited but hunger calling I did what many American would do, I ordered a pizza. But just because fatigue limits your ability to make a great meal doesn’t mean your meal can’t be great. For me one simple step help make my lazy meal into a memorable dinning experience. I popped open a bottle of Clos Malverne Pinotage and my cheap pizza transformed into a dinning experience.

Wine has a way of complementing food, this is not news. What some might find news worthy however is the idea that wine can complement any meal, from the candle lit dinner to (in my case) a box of delivery pizza in front of the TV. You just need to know what wines you like and not worry about the silly formalities people tend to place on that intimidating beverage.

For me wine and pizza is a great marriage, and like John and Yoko, Pinotage and pizza (though everyone may not agree) is the most romantic of marriages. Pinotage is a varietal only grown in South Africa. Because of this fact many people in the US have not yet been exposed to this tasty South African gem. It is however a medium-bodied, versatile wine that pairs well with all types of food, especially great with BBQ or in my opinion cheap pizza. But of course the best way to know what you think of this wine, is to try some Pinotage. Experiment, enjoy and get back to me, I’d love to know your thoughts on how a nice bottle of South Africa Pinotage made your drab meal into a party.

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