Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Waterbrook Melange - Washington Red Wine to Kickstart a Happy New Year

The right wine will make a good meal great. So for me, kickstarting a new year full of promise, I felt I should begin with a great wine. When I think about red wine that stands out vintage after vintage, one Washington wine always comes to mind, Waterbrook Melange. A tasty Washington red wine at an affordable price.

Waterbrook winery consistantly recieves awards for its Melange, and the wine has quickly made a name for itself as a red that will impress and bring smiles to many faces. Waterbrook Melange is a blend of five different types of grape. Together the Waterbrook blend is a mouth pleasing balance with a bouqet to match. I enjoy the because of its big red feel but ready to drink taste. For the value it is difficult to find a better wine, but at any price I'd be happy to find this red in my glass.

In the end, the best way to impress a date, suprise a good freind, or like me start-off a new year, turn to the balance and reliable flavor of the always award winning Waterbrook Melange.

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