Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Letter & the Gift of Red Diamond Merlot

Mr. Murry please enjoy this gift, a bottle of Red Diamond merlot, a truly superior wine at an affordable price. The wine is perfect for a cheap bastard like you, more concerned with profit then safety. A man of your means has an image to keep, I imaging enjoying fine wine is part of that facade. I too, love a glass of wine and feel that Red Diamond merlot serves as a wonderful metaphor for a man in your shoes.

The wine’s name and thus the label invoke diamonds, fitting for a man (or should I say snake) who’s livelihood is dependant on coal. The earthy nose might be reminiscent of time spent in the mine, though I bet that smell is a distant memory for you now. In the glass the wine’s deep red color will force you to recall all the blood on your hands from countless fallen workers. No amount of idle talk by you will bring them back. On the palate the complex fruity characteristics will touch your conscious hopefully awaking you to the beauty possible in the world when one cherishes life rather than chases profit. (I can always hold out hope.)

As for the workers currently trapped, you said, “Only god knows their fate”, which is true. All of us pray for them. Yet, the words you speak are empty, they come from the mouth of a man lacking a soul. It is your actions and your forced practices that caused this tragedy. Worst of all Mr. Murry, you still blame this accident on an earthquake. I’ll need a few bottles of Red Diamond for myself before I can believe that lie. It was unsafe mining practices that caused the collapse, which after the walls fell, registered as a quake. (I know you’re a smart man and despite your words you know this to be true.) Also you should stop denying that retreat mining wasn't going on. The department of mines has your request on file, so stop the lying.

Please Mr. Murry, enjoy this gift and shut your trap. The quality of Red Diamond Merlot always brings a smile to my face. Perhaps a good bottle of wine can wake you up and change your life. Isn’t it time you started to care about life? At the very least you could care about the lives of others…

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