Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What's Your Legacy - Mine is Wine

Barry Bonds has finally done it. Thanks to a pitched fastball that became 756, Bonds, with the aid of his freakish talent, has left a lasting Legacy on America’s game. Perhaps it is perfect that in our times, were corruption is rampant and lies are more frequent then the truth, it was a character such as Bonds that is rewriting one of sports most cherished records. Say what you will about the way in which the record with set; the smaller parks, the devises on players arms, expansion, a juiced ball and of course the specter of drug enhanced players, the fact remains that when 756 left the yard tonight the all-time home run record will never be the same.

So as is custom with any momentous occasion I suggest a drink. A fine glass of Legacy Red Table wine 2001 ought to do. A rich yet elegant wine, it is the perfect choice to remind us of this moment. Grown in a region not far from where the homer was hit, on the palate the wine will remind us of the beauty of the land. While the nose holds deeper memories dating back to the year of it’s harvest, 2001. Prior to that September our world seemed much simpler, but since then everything has change, is more complex and it is hard to know what to believe. Like it or not that is the Legacy.

In the end what does it all mean? The Giants lost 8 to 6

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